VCW Professional Wrestling Course 1

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Vulcan Championship Wrestling VCW (Australia) - professional Wrestling Course 1.

Vulcan Pro-Wrestling School.

Group style training, this course is essential in your wrestling career. Start with the fundamentals of basic wrestling moves such as, Head-lock, Hammer-lock, Arm-whip etc, to more advanced moves such as Suplex and Power Bomb etc. Students will be paired with an opponent and learn how to set up their own match. All students must understand the theory behind wrestling and show how a good match must make sense and tell a story.

Safety is essential when learning to wrestle. It is crucial to learn the correct techniques in a safe environement, with a fully trained professional.

At Vulcan Wrestling, you will recieve full supervison from Malenko Certified Wrestling Professional, Vulcan. With his guidance and advice, you will learn the ins and outs of the sport of wrestling. From one-on-one training, to the group classes, this course is essential for anyone wanting to become a Professional Wrestler. 

Includes FREE full gym membership at Club Vulcan Gym.


VCW Professional Wrestling Course 1