Vibration Fitness Exercise Bar, Stick

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The vibration Bar uses vibration and the power of inertia to rapidly contract your muscles and stimulate your nervous system to transform your body.

The Vibration Bar will build your body from the centre out to develop stability before mobility; providing you with a strong, well balanced, and functional body.

The Vibration bar is unbeatable for its effectiveness in assisting to lose weight, tone muscles, and strengthen your core.

The Vibration Bar utilizes vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core.

If you are recovering from an injury, training for a performance sport, or just interested in improving your fitness and tone, the Vibration Bar will assist you attain your goals.

The versatility of the Vibration Bar will provide hundreds of exercises that allow you to target any body part you’d like to improve.

It’s a fantastic tool used by everyone to improve general fitness as well as very specific areas, including weight loss, mobility problems, sports training, injury rehabilitation, back care, muscle toning and core training.

The Vibration Bar can be used to increase your overall muscle tone and strength.

It’s the most versatile piece of training equipment. 

Available in three levels of intensity:  Light, Medium and Heavy.  Choose below.

Vibration Fitness Exercise Bar, Stick