Wide Double-Handle Revolving Row Bar, 72cm

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This cable attachment is designed to suit any machine, it is a pulley attachment, various hammer grips rows and pull down exercises can be performed.  The straight section of the cable attachment can be used for close-grip exercises. This attachment can be used for solid intense workouts. 

Solid construction and effective in design, this is made for everyday gym use and designed to fit on any cable exercise equipment.

Featuring heavy-duty Steel Force Structural Integrity, this is built to take a pounding and helps you expand your range of exercises.

Features and Specifications:

Class A, Lifetime Structural Replacement Warranty.

Solid Contoured Chrome Handle with Solid Knurling.

Huge Range of Isolated Exercises.

Revolving Handle.

One of the Most Popular Cable Attachments in Gyms.

Dimensions: 72cm x 18cm x 17cm

Package Content / Size: 1* Wide D Handle Revolving Row Bar

Box Size: 72cm x 18cm x 17 cm

Package Weight: 4.5kg


Wide Double-Handle Revolving Row Bar, 72cm