YBELL Exercise Mat

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Key Features

The YBell Exercise Mat is designed to create an exercise mat that caters specifically to many functional (HIIT, HIRT), YBell, and traditional workouts and exercises.

  • Wider and shorter design reduces extra mat material allowing for better functional workouts and preventing of feet getting caught up in the mat, and providing all offerings of traditional mats.
  • Instructional Indicators allow for easy and precise placement of the YBells and integrate with YBell and many other functional exercises.
  • Durable, natural rubber with a polyester suede surface provides comfort and protects users’ hands, knees, and bodies, as well as floors and YBells.
  • Non-slip, sweat resistant, and easy to clean.

Dimensions: 1110mm (L) x 710mm (W) x 4mm (H).


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YBELL Exercise Mat