Ziva Commercial-Grade Agility Ladder w/ 15" Spacing

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Ziva Agility Ladder w/ 15" Spacing

Maximize your team training sessions or individual core workouts with this ZIVA Fitness Agility Ladder featuring durable nylon straps and 15-inch spacing. This 11-rung agility ladder is perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts to assist with improving coordination, core strengthening and reflex training.

See the Premium Results Provided by ZIVA

When you need durable training tools for football, soccer, track and more, ZIVA has you covered with this agility ladder that is easy to transport to and from the gym, training facilities and home.

Founded in 2007, ZIVA believes in the constant pursuit of evolution in design, manufacturing, and business for the fitness industry. With this belief at our core, have a commitment to innovations that best equip all fitness environments with strong and beautiful training products. At ZIVA, we want to change the way you look at the fitness industry.

When you choose ZIVA, you not only benefit from the high-quality exercise and fitness tools available, you also get a premium experience. Customer service is at the core of our business and we strive to offer fitness equipment that maximizes your health and service that leaves you wanting to explore our catalog of sports and exercise equipment.

The ZIVA Difference

It’s the ZIVA difference stemming from a bold dream, a mountain of Taoist philosophy and so much love and dedication that has expanded our global fitness brand into more than 80 countries. Experience the Zen now.



Ziva Commercial-Grade Agility Ladder w/ 15" Spacing