Skipping Ropes

The advantage of these types of weighted rope over other styles is that the actual weight is in the nylon woven rope. As the weight is evenly distributed throughout the actual rope it provides a more intense workout compared to ropes that have the weights just in the actual handles....
MORGAN HURRICANE SPEED ROPE  17cm light weight aluminium steel handles  Fine diamond knurled grip Hi precision cartridge ball bearings 3m long nylon coated adjustable steel rope Designed for elite skippers 
Key Features: Adjustable length Speed Rope with Comfortable, Contoured Handles & Protective Coated Speed Rope Wire Can be adjusted up to 300 cm
York 8.5' Leather Skipping Rope . 8.5' genuine leather skipping rope with cushioned handles and sealed bearings . Precision sealed bearings for a smoother, faster rope spin . New colour packaging
CROSSFIT SKIPPING ROPE 2.8M Patented design bearings Rope length: 2.8 Meters (9 feet and 2'' including the handle in Length Sweat absorbing non-slip handles Easy use Excellent quality material Tested for strength and endurance Color: Black or Blue. Features and Specifications Total length from each end of the handle is...
MORGAN ELITE LEATHER SKIPPING ROPES Features Wooden handles Highly durable 9ft leather rope Heavy duty swivel system at handles for quick smooth rotation
Description MORGAN CROSS FUNCTIONAL FITNESS SPEED ROPE Features Two comfortable handles with ball bearing attachment for smooth and consistent 'turn-over' Completely adjustable up to 2.7m length (3m inc handle) 2.5mm thick steel wire encased in a thin layer of nylon to ensure durability Cuts through the air more quickly, ensuring...
MORGAN CROSS FUNCTIONAL FITNESS SKIPPING ROPE Features Wire coated rope High speed ball bearing Wooden handles This is the perfect outdoor skipping rope Weight is 400g, 3m in length