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  • High quality commercial grade equipment, manufactured with the best materials and standards.
  • Designed to not only look good but with functionality for any training center.
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  • Huge range of equipment from Pin loaded and plate loaded machines, to weights and accessories. 


Ziva’s medicine ball supports you in full-body and rotational exercises with a secure grip design providing high stability and flexible movement  Sold as singles or in Set (see sets) Built to last the pace in commercial gym environments Great looking  Fits on most storage racks Dual textured surface for extra grip...
Product description  Commercial-Grade Equipment. Improve your speed and agility or get your football, soccer, track or basketball team ready for game day with this ZIVA adjustable hurdle, designed for indoor or outdoor use. This durable, adjustable hurdle is ideal for hardcore drills, balance and agility training and core workouts for...
REFINING AND REDEFINING AN INDUSTRY. At ZIVA, we want to change the way you look at the fitness industry. We’re looking beyond the boundaries of current industry standards and moving the line forward-evolving and innovating new free weights and functional weight products for the growing expectations of new sophisticated Description...
Ziva Commercial-Grade Anti-Burst Core Fit Ball Designed to target torso and core musculature Anti-burst construction provides maximum safety Easy-to-inflate and deflate faciltating portability Offers degrees of instability during traditional workouts Pump not included   Storage Rings Available Here
Ziva Commercial-Grade Foam Roller 33cm x 14cm EVA foam outer and core Resilient materials and structure allow for long use Round knobby form built specifically for myofascial release techniques Designed to address mobility and recovery Great for self-guided cooldown sessions Closed cell construction prevents absorption of moisture
Ziva Agility Ladder w/ 15" Spacing Maximize your team training sessions or individual core workouts with this ZIVA Fitness Agility Ladder featuring durable nylon straps and 15-inch spacing. This 11-rung agility ladder is perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts to assist with improving coordination, core strengthening and reflex training....
Ziva Commercial-Grade Olympic Monster Clamp Collars Suits all Olympic (50mm) Barbells and Dumbbells. The Ziva Olympic clamp-style collars securely snap onto barbells. They feature quick and simple unlatching for ease of adding/removing weight plates.
Ziva Proft Heavy-Duty Stepper • Hard-wearing PP casing• Non-slip landing pad• Multi-height• Stackable